About the plant

Semipalatinsk Wood Processing Plant No. 1 LLP is the only producer of big-size high water-resistant plywood (PSF brand) in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The plant construction was launched on January 25, 2012 and in the May of 2012 the plant already produced its first batch of the finished products. The installed equipment allows to produce the high-quality plywood with thickness varying from 4 mm up to 30 mm of various wood types, fully complying with the requirements of the State standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In 2013 the plant undergone the modernization of existing facilitiies and had installed some new units of even more powerful equipment. It contributed to an increase in the production capacity and improved the competitiveness of the plant by improving the quality of manufactured products.

In 2015 Semipalatinsk Wood Processing Plant No. 1 LLP had commissioned a modern production line of laminated plywood. The monthly production volume amounted to 5 thousand cubic meters. Modern production technology allows to ensure the  high resistance of laminated plywood surface to the environmental and chemical factors.

Number of activities is done in 2017 to strengthen the plant capacities and to increase the production range.

Nowadays, the plant manufactures the following types of products: Birch waterproof plywood (FC), Birch and coniferous plywood with increased water resistance (PSF brand); Birch and coniferous laminated plywood (FOF brand); softwood and hardwood lumber.

According to EN636-1, the plywood glued with the urea-formaldehyde glues (FC) is intended for use in dry conditions (W<65%) and it corresponds to the first class of biological resistance.

According to EN636-2, the plywood glued with the phenol-formaldehyde glues (FSF) is intended for use in dry conditions (W<85%) and it corresponds to the second class of biological resistance.

According to EN636-3, the plywood, fixed with the phenol-formaldehyde glues (FSF) and lined with the impregnated paper ̆ (laminated), is intended for the outdoor applications (W > 85%) and it corresponds to the third class of biological̆ resistance.

All types of plywood are produced with thicknesses, varying from 4 mm to 40 mm. Thicknesses of more than 22 mm thickness are not included in the standard line and are manufactured according to the individual agreement with the customer. Formats of produced plywood: 1525*1525 mm, 2440 * 1220 mm and 1220 * 2440 mm, 2500*1250 mm. Under a separate agreement, it is possible to manufacture the plywood in other formats.

Increased water resistance of our plywood is achieved due to the use of high-quality formaldehyde resin. The raw material for the manufactured products is the selected wood of coniferous (pine) and deciduous (birch) species, coming from the forest of East-Kazakhstan region of the RoK.

Qualified and technically competent staff is a competitive advantage of our plant. High quality products ensure a wide range of its applications. Our products are used in such areas as the construction, furniture manufacturing, automotive, shipbuilding, car-building industries and etc. In addition, the plywood is also used as the interior and exterior elements, and as a packaging material.