Vibro pallets


1250х1250 мм.

1220х1220 мм.

2500х1250 мм.

2440х1220 мм.

or other sizes on request

Commonly used thicknesses:

18,0; 21,0; 24,0; 30,0; 35,0; 40,0

(pallets are packed in bundles)

We produce non-standard “vibro pallets” to order.

Send us your drawings and we will prepare a commercial offer for “vibro pallets” for you, depending on the required volumes and terms of the order.

The main advantages of plywood “vibro pallets”:

  • Resistant to moisture in steaming chambers,
  • Lighter weight compared to metal,
  • Convenience for transportation,
  • The surface of the plywood is smooth, environmentally friendly, hard and abrasion resistant.
  • Possibility to order in a non-standard size, or modify at will.

Plywood does not pose a phytosanitary threat because produced at high temperatures.

Plywood pallets are an excellent way to transport medium to light weight goods that require tough and durable containers.